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What Is It?

The Life Science Industry contributes approximately $750B annually to a very large, growing and continually evolving healthcare market. The majority of biopharmaceutical products are sourced externally rather than “innovated” in-house. ‘Life Science Partnering’ is the lifeblood of such deals.

Life science partnering begins with identification of the right companies and people for partnering on one side, and finding the right opportunities to fill a need-gap on the other side. Sign up and use our web service called meet.bio, a convenient, easy-to-use navigation and engagement web platform.

meet.bio brings together the core ingredients of the life science partnering space – companies, people and opportunities – to enable professionals to find, connect, and interact with the right business partners 24/7 online or in person.

How We Benefit You?

Use meet.bio to search thousands of partnering opportunities


Register and upload your personal profile and professional interests. Our advanced search capability allows you to be found and identify potential partners, opportunities and/or investors. Browse through thousands of companies, opportunities and people listings, filtering by therapeutic and geographic areas of interest to find the right partner leading to a better deal.

Connect and network with the best people for your business development


Connect to business development and life science professionals using the meet.bio market network. Create and expand your personal network with beneficial contacts. Invite colleagues, friends, and business partners to join meet.bio and easily interact using meet.bio’s intuitive messaging feature.

Use meet.bio to schedule the meetings that will optimize your business development.


Meet.bio improves dealmaking efficiency by facilitating interaction through chat/messaging on a one-to-one basis, as well as group interaction in private or public groups. Setup and ‘calendar’, virtual or in-person meetings, through the meet.bio platform. Dedicated editions of meet.bio are available for major events such as the annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco (we call it BioWeekSF).

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